Hired!-How to Get the Zippy Gig

Sheila Musgrove

Yes, it’s true.

Sheila Musgrove, an award-winning Canadian recruitment firm owner has decoded what makes a resume kick-ass and how the hell you can get through an interview without having a rambling, out of body experience.

You’ll learn step-by-step how to write a shiny new resume filled with sexy results. Yes, you read that right! Sexy results will get your phone ringing for interviews for your new zippy gig.

Hundreds of Sheila’s Insider Secrets are revealed including:

· 6 Surprising Things on Your Resume that Get ZERO Attention in the First 11 Seconds

· Applying via Email: 3 Critical Mistakes

· 2 BIG “Must-do’s” to Prepare for Your Job Interview

· How to Handle those DREADED, “Tell me about a time…” questions

· 7 Smart Interview Questions for You to Ask

· Follow Up: The One Thing You Can Do That NO ONE Else is Doing

· How to Leverage Social Media in Your Job Search

· How to Resign Like a Pro: 5 Rules for Breaking Up Professionally

· You’ve Got the Gig: 10 BIG Things to Consider

PLUS: Insider tips from TOP Executives & Celebrities that’ll give you a HUGE advantage in your job search!


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