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Canadian Association of Drilling Engineers - CADE

The Voice of Business in the Canadian Seismic Industry

The Canadian Association of Geophysical Contractors (CAGC) is a trade association representing the business of seismic in the Canadian Oil and Gas Industry. Working pro-actively, the CAGC develops and maintains a business environment in which Geophysical and Support Industries can earn a fair rate of return on invested capital and provide new employment opportunities for Canadians.

Canadian Association of Petroleum Land Administration (CAPLA®)

In Canada, land administration professionals working in the energy industry are represented by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Land Administration (CAPLA®). Based in Calgary, Alberta, CAPLA is one of the largest oil and gas membership associations in the country with ~1,800 members. CAPLA provides a Code of Conduct, ethics training, education seminars, workshops and courses, an annual conference, a voluntary certification program, leadership development, mentoring opportunities, a job bank, and a busy calendar of networking events.


The CAPL is a non-profit voluntary professional association for landmen in Canada, which evolved from the Alberta Landman’s Association founded by 8 members in 1948. In 1956, the first Canadian landman became a member of the American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL); and, in 1957, Canada was made, and is still today, the ninth regional district of the AAPL. Although it remains closely affiliated with the AAPL, the CAPL was incorporated on May 23, 1961, as its own independent association.

Canadian Energy pipeline Association - CEPA

CEPA represents Canada’s transmission pipeline companies who operate approximately 119,000 kilometres of pipeline in Canada and 14,000 kilometres in the United States. CEPA members move approximately 1.2 billion barrels of liquid petroleum products and 5.4 trillion cubic feet of natural gas each year. In fact, 97 per cent of Canada’s daily crude oil and natural gas is moved from producing regions to markets throughout North America by CEPA members.

Canadian Energy Research Institute - CERI

Our mission is to provide relevant, independent and objective economic research in energy and environmental issues to benefit business, government, academia and the public.

The Institute envisaged by the Board of Directors is a unique research-focussed organization whose output and staff are very highly regarded and respected both in Canada and abroad.

CERI's economic studies are highly relevant and objective and the analysis and advice contained therein are sought by government and business planners and decision-makers.

Canadian Fuels Association

We represent Canada’s transportation fuels industry. Our members are the companies who process crude  oil into essential products like transportation fuels and get those products to market. Our sector contributes over $5 billion to Canada’s GDP each year and employs more than 116,000 Canadians at 15 refineries, 78 fuel distribution terminals and 12,000 retail and commercial sites.

Canadian Gas Association

Founded in 1907, the Canadian Gas Association (CGA) is the voice of Canada’s natural gas distribution industry. Our members are natural gas distribution companies, transmission companies, equipment manufacturers and other service providers. Canadian natural gas distribution companies deliver natural gas to approximately 6.5 million homes, schools, hospitals, places of worship, to meet their energy needs. Combined this represents almost one-third of all the energy needs in Canada, coast to coast to coast.