About The GOLDMIND Project

About Us

The GoldMind Project is a grassroots movement supported and operated by volunteers extracted from all sectors of the Alberta economy. The objective of the Project is to help transition the Alberta employment landscape by assisting professionals to identify their transferable skills and creatively market those skills. It seeks to mine the pool of professional talent – the GoldMind – and leverage it to drive innovation in identifying, attracting, developing and operating new economic opportunities.

About The GMP Volunteers and Board

The leadership of The GoldMind Project is currently composed of 10 Board members and 12 volunteers. Our board has founding members that continue to be dedicated after many years of service to the community. Volunteers are an essential part of our team, and we like to think that our volunteers are particularly exceptional! Many of our volunteers have been with the GMP for over two years. They are dedicated, and driven to see the GMP provide as much help and support to the community as possible.

We value all kinds of skill-sets: we truly believe that if you care about Calgarians building a future together, we can use anyone’s unique talents and skills! We continue to seek new volunteers to help with a variety of areas.

“It has been really fulfilling to help the GMP, by volunteering in my field of expertise, Data science, and being able to bring value to the team. There is a great team working on the project, with passion to help others find employment and transition opportunities.” 

– Yanik Lacriox

What We Do

  • Support professional transitions.
  • Building awareness of and quantifying the assets in the GoldMind.
  • Providing inspirational wisdom.
  • Inspiring new relationships, challenge new thought and a path forward.
  • Encouraging professionals to develop their own solutions and opportunities;
  • Support the groundswell of courage to work beyond perceived limits;
  • Get the most out of the availableprofessional talent.