Hiring Trends for Q3 2019

Hiring Trends for Q3 2019

Would you like to know how to better understand the job market and to discover how to take action with your job search? Do you know what are the next in-demand jobs?

If you are searching for a job or you are considering a career transition, you will benefit from attending this event and hearing what Ahmed Borhot, from ManPower Group will present about the future of work. You’ll also learn how all these trends will affect you and your job search, and you’ll be able to start planning your career, so you’ll have the necessary skills for the next wave of jobs.

Who this event is for: People who are looking for a career change, for work, or who are interested in employment trends, as well as people who want to know how work trends will affect their job and their future prospects.

Come to our event and then start to explore your potential!


Aug 14 2019



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