How to Get Unstuck from Technical Roles

How to Get Unstuck from Technical Roles

Tuesday, May 28th, AVE Network will be hosting our first ever workshop entitled, “How to Get Unstuck from Technical Roles”. The workshop will be led by career coach and human resources professional, Wilma Li. During the workshop, Wilma be explaining  the definition and reason for being “stuck” at work and how to assess if you are stuck in your role by reviewing different factors and symptoms, you may not even realize if you are! Wilma will also be sharing some startling stats and biases from her 25 years of experience in this field.

And most importantly, we will be discussing the steps and different options each of us have to get unstuck in our roles and excel as the professional we strive to be! If you ever feel like you are getting passed up for promotions and not working on the new exciting projects you want to be, this workshop is definitely for you! This is sure to be an intriguing conversation and I hope you will join AVE Network for this workshop on Tuesday, May 28th starting at 5pm at The Wednesday Room, downtown Calgary.  This is a professional course and as such, is valid for CPD hours.

Admission price includes course, course material and food.


May 28 2019


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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