Net Zero Construction in Alberta

Net Zero Construction in Alberta



Intro to NetZero construction in Alberta

  • Is it a new concept?
  • Is it becoming more common?
  • Are there opportunities in this field?

GeoThermal in the context of NetZero Construction

  • Why is this a good idea?
  • What can it do for Alberta as a whole? Environment/Economy (they love to hear about the economy)
  • What kind of skills are required for this kind of operation?
  • What is needed in this market to compliment it? (Even from your company’s perspective, what could you use more of in this city to make your life easier – not as competition? Ex. a service that compliments yours, specific equipment, specific skills, etc.)

About Koen:

Koen is co-founder and President of Thermal Creek ltd., a Calgary based geothermal design and installation company. Koen has a background in Engineering and International business. He did his Bachelors and Masters in Mechanical Engineering in The Netherlands, his home country. After completion of his studies, he became a management consultant for Accenture. Over a period of 4 years he consulted for many Dutch multinational corporations in a range of industries such as utilities, transportation, and FMCG. Koen then moved to Oxford in the UK to do his MBA with particular focus on entrepreneurship, finance and strategy.

After completion of his MBA, Koen moved to Canada in 2006 to co-found Thermal Creek ltd. Since then he has been responsible for designing and managing implemention of hundreds of geothermal HVAC solutions across Canada in both residential and commercial applications. Koen has received his certification as an accredited geothermal designer and installer from the Canadian Geo-exchange Coalition (CGC) as well as the International Groundsource Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA).

Besides being passionate about Energy Efficiency, Koen’s other personal passions include reading, alpine skiing, scubadiving and spending time with his family.


May 14 2020


12:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Online Event


GoldMind Going Green

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