Recruitment Perspectives – Industry Panel Part 3: Health and Technology

Recruitment Perspectives – Industry Panel Part 3: Health and Technology

A conversation to get inside the brains of those on the other end of an interview in the Health and Technology industry.

This session will dive into the difference in priorities when looking to hire from the perspectives of different levels of management or different company environments, such as a start-up versus an established company, or having an external recruiter versus an internal recruitment process. Preferences in a candidate’s personality type or education level when hiring may change industry to industry, company to company but this session will aim to inform GMP members on how to navigate these priorities while searching for employment in the Health and Technology Industries.

Speakers include:

Grace Clark

Owner of Nutrimeals

Grace is an opportunistic leader who has been an entrepreneur since her last year of university. Upon graduating from the University of Lethbridge in 2018, Grace took charge as the operations lead at the company she co-founded Nutrimeals. Grace oversees the operations and all staff. The mantra at Nutrimeals is “Be open (to new opportunities) ,be kind (along the journey,) and conquer (the results).” Grace hopes that others can apply this mantra to their everyday life and find courage in experiencing new chapters in their lives.

Chantel Said

HR Manager at Shane Homes

Chantal Said has acquired 8 years experience of working in the health and fitness industry. She completed her BBA from Mount Royal’s Bissett School of Business, majoring in Human Resources. She has grown exponentially in her HR career and is currently a CPHR AB Candidate. Chantal has acquired a wealth of knowledge and hands on experience in all complex facets of Human Resources and has led HR departments for a couple of reputable Alberta based organizations. She is currently the Human Resources Manager with Shane Homes Group of Companies. Chantal isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo and think outside the box which had led to her proven success as an HR leader. Outside of work, she is passionate about health & fitness, and advocates for mental health.

Dennis Kambbeitz

Founder of Robotics. Education

Dennis Kambeitz is the CEO of EZ-Robot. He is recognized as a global leader in robotics and AI education, and is regularly invited to speak at conferences on the impact that robotics and AI will have on the workforce.

He has trained hundreds of educators, and his innovative strategies have helped schools increase enrollment in robotics by more than 900%.


Sep 29 2021


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

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