Office Team Salary Guide & Trends

Office Team Salary Guide & Trends
Office Team Salary Guide & Trends

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  • Overall salaries on net new positions have not changed, relatively flat to last year. If companies are looking to save on salary paid for net new roles than they are generally flexible on skillset to compensate for this
  • Some significant concessions have been made for companies/industries most impacted by COVID. Many companies have opted for Temporary layoffs, some have done permanent layoffs and packaged ppl out (oil and gas specifically), some have reduced salaries but gone to a reduced work week to compensate, many perks have been taken away or extra spending, snr leaders have taken cuts. A small percentage of companies have done salary reductions across the board
  • Companies are starting to pick back up, cautiously optimistic about recovery. Many are operating on skeletal staff and the workload is high. Clients are looking to temporary and contract resources to help.
  • Companies that are considering hiring are opting for Temp to Hire. Starting on contract today but making a perm decision down the road when things pick up
  • Companies that are busy are using a flexible staffing solution to fill in the gaps when and where needed
  • Calgary companies are starting to go back to work and with that the need for admin roles has increased.
  • Back to school, many summer students have left and their projects are not complete, this has prompted the need to reach out for help
  • Many companies looking at moving to online learning, looking at upgrading their tech and automating processes. Other companies going through full upgrades or implementations to streamline things. Creating a lot of project work.

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